Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Joe’s BRAG is to finish his first Marathon this year.
Judi’s BRAG is a double body weight deadlift in 2011.
Lindsay’s BRAG is to hit her goal weight.
Ken’s BRAG is to beat his wife in a workout.

What’s your B.R.A.G.?
Everyone has at least one elusive thing that they are striving to achieve. You may never have verbally expressed it, but you know what it is. It is your goal…and we are renaming it your B.R.A.G.….your BIG RAW AMBITIOUS GOAL. We want to know what it is and we want to help you achieve it.
You may have a race coming up and want to PR it. Maybe you have a reunion in the fall and you want to fit into your skinny jeans. Perhaps you just want to make it through one of Amy’s warmups without stopping once. This is what your B.R.A.G. is all about.
We’ve made a B.R.A.G. board at RAW for you to write down your goal and your deadline to make it. We will display all of the goals and one by one, we will knock them off together.
Express those goals and share them with your RAW family…we will hold you accountable and in time it will give you something to B.R.A.G. about!


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