Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fall Brawl 2012 is wrap!  What keeps resinating over and over is a lot of HEART! COMPETITORS-Some of you drove minutes and some hours to get to our event. You all came to RAW to GO HARD or GO HOME-well done! It was a pleasure to meet you and spend the day with you all! Thank you for your support. LOCAL BOXES- We appreciate you spreading the word about our events at RAW, sharing your equipment for game day and know we are grateful you stand with us in spreading the love of Crossfit. SPONSORS-Your generosity allowed us to give AMAZING Gifts/Cash Prizes and a donation to TEAM RWB! RAW ATHLETES- we are so pumped for all of you. You were exciting to watch and so proud to have you represent RAW!! VOLUNTEERS- A-MA-ZING!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude and want you all to know this event could NEVER happen without YOU! We are very blessed to have such dedicated clients that give their time/day for our events over and over again. RAW STAFF-Thank you for putting in extra time, effort and being there for last minute changes, prints, store runs, etc. and being so darn fun to be around! Thank you for being a part of our vision. TEAM RED, WHITE AND BLUE, Rottinghaus/Nemec Family, RAW TRAINING is honored to support your cause. We look forward to working with you again in the future. VETERANS, know you are not alone, reach out and keep the fight! As an American Civilian we can all make a difference and help support our Military. THIS MISSION IS NOT OVER!

Special SHOUT OUT to THE U.S. MARINES OF RSS PITTSBURGH- For presenting the GUNG HO award for the 3rd year in a row at the FALL BRAWL. This is a special award given every year and this year went to a Lorelei Wilkey (15yrs old) of Crossfit Explode! Her constant fight and smile throughout the day was noticed by many!

Also, Pine Richland ROTC for the presentation of the colors you guys did a great job! Also thank you Jason Minerich (Veteran) and Retired Colonel Lou Nemec for taking part of our opening ceremony and to Melanie Berexa for sharing your beautiful voice for our National Anthem.  
And also special SHOUT OUT to Jeff Barber for our “Red Rockets” for our DEATH GRIP WOD. Jeff we appreciate all the toys you make for our events, our athletes do too!! 

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