Sports Performance Training

Posted: November 13, 2017 in Athletic Development


Every sports performance program follows a fully inclusive progressive plan to build the athletes from general physical preparedness to sports specific demands and led by nationally accredited coaches.

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Training Preparation (“Warm-Up”) We prepare our athletes for their sport and training experience the moment we begin. Each preparation phase incorporates an active dynamic prep to increase core temperature, activate specific muscle groups and prime the nervous system as well starts the team unity experience.

Strength and Power – In order to be fast and explosive, athletes need to be able to create force.  Building a prerequisite amount of strength is foundational to speed.  The faster you can apply that force, the more powerful they are.

Speed and Agility – Almost all sports require speed. You need to be fast to win.  But more often than not, you need to be able to change direction quickly.  Acceleration and deceleration is a large part of our speed and agility training methodology.  Add this in with absolute speed training and you have a recipe for an extremely effective athlete.

Energy Systems and Conditioning – All sports and positions have their own demands for energy systems requirements.  What are energy systems?  They are specific systems within our physiology that creates energy from fuel to complete a specific task efficiently.  We train these energy systems in both general and sport specific environments to improve the athlete’s performance capabilities.

Injury Prevention and Nutrition – Training is hard.  That’s why we complete our team training programs with shoulder and trunk stability and mobility training, quality movement pattern education and wrap it all up with nutrition and recovery guidance.  We believe if you train hard, you must recover harder!


We believe in long term athletic development.  We meet the athletes where they’re currently at and design an effective progressive plan to constantly improve their performance.  We realize the importance of continual development, not just the current season.  We bolster this method with health and performance education.  Not only do we coach the athletes through their training program, we also ensure they are learning the why’s behind their development so they are even more prepared in taking care of their progress.


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