Veterans Leadership Program

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Charity

Attention RAW Family

We are asking for your help to fill stockings this holiday season for the Veterans in Pennsylvania.

The Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) of Western Pennsylvania is an amazing nonprofit organization that provides job training for homeless veterans in and around the Pittsburgh area.  They provide service fairs that give homeless veterans haircuts, warm clothes for winter, housing, food, boots, sleeping bags, etc…

Currently at this moment, VLP has over 400 homeless veterans in their charge – FOUR HUNDRED!!!  Whether that be in homeless camps outside the city, in shelters, in temporary housing… It’s an unseen epidemic in our beloved city.  And those are just the ones they know about and currently are in touch with and keeping track of!  This Christmas RAW would like to join with VLP to help make these Veterans holidays a little brighter.  Beginning this weekend through Saturday December 9th, we will be collecting filled stockings for these homeless heroes who have given SO much to our nation. We are asking ALL friends and family and colleagues to please consider picking up an empty stocking here at RAW, filling and returning it by the 9th to then be distributed to these veterans.

Below are the ideal items to fill the “Homeless Hero Stocking”:






Shaving cream


Wash Cloth

Body Wash

Gift cards to Walmart or Giant Eagle

Pair of Socks


So if you and your family would consider stuffing a stocking for our Pittsburgh area heroes, please pick up one (or more) starting this Saturday!  The stockings are available at RAW for you to take as many as you would like to fill.  We are asking that you return the filled stockings back to RAW by Saturday December 9th.

You can also make a donation directly through PayPal to (Donations are tax-deductible and if you would like a receipt for your donation please email the above address and they will get one to you.)

Please help join together to remind these 400 heroes that they are loved and not forgotten this holiday season.

Thank you,

RAW Training Staff

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