Get a Grip!

Posted: May 9, 2019 in Gymnastics, Uncategorized

Hey all! Let’s cover a topic that is often over looked pertaining to any gymnastics skills on the rig…


How you grip the bar will help you in all aspects of gymnastics skills. The coaches at RAW have touched on this topic, and anyone who has come to our Gymnastics Strength & Development clinic should be familiar with why this is important. Let’s discuss how and why to make a change in your grip –

HOW (refer to visual below):

  1. Wrap your hands so that your knuckles are facing “up”
  2. The “meat” or “fat pad” of your hand is on the bar vs. finger tips only
  3. Wrap your thumbs around the bar, not over (aka suicide grip).


  1. Improves position to press on the bar.
  2. Grip is more secure (you wouldn’t clean or KB swing by your finger tips would you?)
  3. Engages larger muscles of the shoulder, lat, and forearm, and is overall safer for your shoulder.

Often people say “this is uncomfortable… it hurts my thumbs”. Like anything else, there is an adjustment period. Don’t let this dissuade you! Like Coach Amy would say, give it 10 days. Work your new grip into toes to bar first, then mix in into your other gymnastics skills. These seemingly “little things” matter!

“OK Coach, I’ll give it a try… but what about wearing grips???”

Go ahead and wear grips if you need, particularly if you are already torn or have a high volume of reps on the rig. My opinion is this – they can add bulk to an already fatigued grip mid-WOD. I recommend trying a variety of grips to determine what you are comfortable with, and ones that DO NOT distract or interfere with the movements.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask the coaches for tips and tricks pertaining to this and other gymnastics techniques! And don’t forget about the Gymnastics Strength & Development clinics on Sundays. The 2:15pm still has open spots for all levels, members and non-members!


Coach Maria


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