R.A.W. Legends @ R.A.W. Training

Posted: May 20, 2019 in Uncategorized

In the first 6 months of RAW LEGENDS, the coaches have seen a tremendous improvement in clients’ functional fitness. Our 50 and older class focuses on balance, mobility, strength, body awareness, metabolic conditioning and cognitive function. The primary goal is to improve quality of life as our clients age, both physically and mentally. We have a wide range of fitness backgrounds creating a supportive and welcoming environment where each client can feel comfortable with folks their own age. RAW LEGENDS not only build stronger bodies but stronger minds as well. The confidence they gain by learning new skills and by setting goals helps them lead the highest quality of life possible as they age. They work extremely hard on the technical skills and the physical and mental benefits of this hard work is evident at the end of the class when they talk about how they are moving better, getting stronger, swinging a golf club with more ease and generally feeling really good about life.

Here’s how Flo and Jim Oakes,  feel about the Legends class:

What I love about Legends is that the classes are structured so that we warm up our muscle slowly and gradually work up to a level where we can challenge ourselves to lift heavier weights and do more cardio without feeling total wiped out. Every week the coaches challenge us to increase the weights we lift to help build up our strength. Each week I look forward to the next workout to see how I can improve my overall fitness. Flo
 Legends is a great class. I like the fact that most people are around my age. Kate and Linda, our instructors, are very thorough in providing us the proper techniques in weight lifting, as well as in other exercises. I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday Legend classes for the great exercise as well as for the great camaraderie in the class. Jim
Here’s a small sample of what you can expect from R.A.W. Legends:

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