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This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts at RAW Training. We have so many strong, capable and athletic women of RAW Training who embody health and wellness. Women who weight lift, at all ages, know the benefits and how it positively impacts multiple aspects of their lives.
How many times have you read or heard: “Don’t lift weights because you’ll get too bulky” or “I want to lose weight and get skinnier, so I’ll just do cardio”? Maybe you were once one of these people who said this and/or believed it. Thankfully, here at RAW Training, we know otherwise and are passionately ready to break it down for you.
What do we know about the benefits of weightlifting for women?
We know that it increases our BMR (basal metabolic rate). BMR is the rate in which the body is able to burn calories throughout the day. If your BMR is higher, your body functions more efficiently and continues to burn calories at a higher rate even long after your work out ends.

Lifting weights increases bone density. This is true at any age BUT is especially important for post menopausal women. There is a significant decrease of estrogen in the body of women after hitting menopause. This decrease in estrogen causes bones to break down easier, but weight training helps keeps those bones strong!
Health overall can be increased due to fewer symptoms associated with arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. It also improves sleep patterns, mood and helps manage stress levels.
Weightlifting adds function to your everyday life! It makes you more capable to complete daily activities such as moving furniture, carrying children, shoveling the driveway, etc. Knowing how to move weight correctly also decreases the risk of injury while performing these functional movements.
Lifting weights makes you feel empowered and builds confidence in your own skin! (This is a personal favorite of mine.)

So if all of this factual info about the benefits of weightlifting is available knowledge to the general public, why is it that people still believe the myths? Let’s debunk the truth!
Women will NOT get too “bulky” from strength training alone. Various other factors contribute to a woman’s physique including: genetics, diet and hormones.
As a coach, I have worked with women who have felt like lifting weights wasn’t really for them. After spending a little bit of time with the iron, they usually see things differently.

“Before, I lifted weights for maintenance without much thought to actually building strength. But since I’ve started doing personal training, it’s been so empowering to see and use weightlifting as a way to build; not just maintain.” – Neha
“Before coming to RAW I had the misconception that weightlifting was for dudes at Gold’s Gym and Bally’s Fitness who strut around flexing all day. My time with Bri has certainly changed that idea! Weightlifting is for everyone, and especially for women! The strength I feel and the confidence that I have goes with me way beyond the confines of the gym. I feel great, mind and body! After a particularly great session you may even find me strutting around a bit.” -Catherine

I’m going to wrap things up by telling you what it is about weightlifting that I, personally, love so much. It’s so empowering! I have always been a stronger girl. Growing up, it sometimes seemed to be a negative. When I was a cheerleader, I was never on top of the pyramid. I will tell you this though; I was one of the STRONGEST bases! As a diver, I wasn’t really known for my technique, but I was known as a “power diver” and for my DD (Degree of Difficulty). Currently, being one of the stronger girls in CrossFit makes me feel like I belong there. It gives me confidence inside and outside of the gym. My wish for all women is that they may find this same joy and love for weightlifting that many of us at RAW Training possess. I hope that one day, every woman will feel empowered, strong and confident in their skin!


Coach Bri

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