Athlete of the Month June 2019

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Constant refinement is a sign of a true athlete.  They are continually working to improve their movement patterns, learning new drills or trying to come to a better understanding of their technique.  It’s not enough to just acquire a skill, but to become efficient and able to reproduce that skill over and over again.  Taking the extra time to work on drills and positions will pay off as you will begin to move better and more effectively in all areas and refine yourself as an athlete.

Jen Harlan: Athlete of the Month


Congratulations Jen! Very well deserved Athlete of the Month. Ever since Jen showed up she has worked super hard and wanted to learn more. She always has good questions and is never scared to take on a new challenge that we throw at her. Whether it’s a heavier DBall for the workout or a new cue or technique on her gymnastics, Jen never backs down. I’m proud of the progress she has made but even more excited to watch her continue to refine and get better in the future!
Coach Sonny

It has been an absolute pleasure watching Jen grow in her journey here at RAW Training.  She is quiet, modest and very humble.  But, to watch her attack a workout is quite special.  She holds nothing back at 3,2,1…GO!  She is continually improving and wanting to learn.  One of the things I enjoy most about her is how she surprises herself every time she hits that position just right, or the move feels just perfect!  Keep up the great work Jen! Coach Sean L. 
Below are a few thoughts from Jen on her RAW experience.
What does Jen think of RAW?

Raw is an incredible place full of amazing people. The coaching staff and the community are what makes RAW so special. I’ve made some amazing friends, and working out around so many positive people is really inspiring. Every time I come in, I’m just happy to be there. Whether the workout is full of things that I like, or I’m suffering through everything I hate, it’s just so cool to be a part of this community.

The changes I’ve seen in my strength and endurance have been more than I ever expected and could never have accomplished on my own. I’m excited to keep building and improving on everything. As someone who had/has some mobility and form issues, I am so grateful for all of the guidance and help (and patience) from the coaches. I started at RAW for exercise, but its become much more than that, it is more about the camaraderie and friendships, having fun and talking smack during class, and celebrating improvements no matter how big or small.

If you had to write a workout, what exercises would be in it?  
Heavy clean and jerks, HSPU, T2B and some low/red sleds.
What got you to start at RAW?

After years of working out at home to DVDs, I was getting really bored and unmotivated. I heard about “a crazy CrossFit gym in North Park” from some co-workers. That sounded like my kind of place, so after some internet research, I signed up for fundamentals and never looked back.

Sitting in the parking lot right before the first class was so intimidating. All I could hear was the music blasting and barbells dropping, but once I got inside I knew I was going to love it. I look forward to coming to RAW, and even on the days I take off I’m wondering what the workout is.
What is your least favorite lift/exercise?
The ski erg and the bike.

What are your goals for 2019?
My goal is to take everything we are learning in the gymnastics class, put all of those pieces together, and finally get a muscle up.

Another goal is to not forget what I’m supposed to be doing halfway through the workout…the toughest goal of all!

What class/times do you regularly attend?
Either 4pm or 5:15pm during the week and 9am on Saturdays

Mike Kelly: Athlete of the Month

 Congratulations “Kelly” (Mike) for being our June Athlete of the Month.  Man, this guy is a hard worker and its great to see that  it’s paying off.  I really enjoy when he comes in during Open gym and we take a minute or 2 and refine a lift or gymnastic drill.  I know its not always easy making it to the gym, and no matter what is going on, Mike always comes in with a great attitude and a friendly hello.  I want to thank you for allowing me to be your Coach and I look forward to watching you compete in Patriot Games next week.  Good Luck
 Coach Amy

Mike, congrats on being June’s Athlete of the Month.  Your hard work is sure paying off. It is great to see you being consistent and growing as an athlete.  You always put your best effort forward no matter what the wod may be.  You never hesitate to ask questions and you can tell you want to continue to improve.  Your quick wit and great sense of humor make you a joy to coach.  Keep up the great work Mike! Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. 
Coach Sean L.

Below are a few thoughts from Mike on his RAW experience.


What does Mike think of RAW? 
RAW is a special place to me. It is somewhere I can go and forget about everything while being challenged in amazing ways. RAW helped me achieve things I never thought possible. I have met many awesome people here as well.

If you had to write a workout, what exercises would be in it?

No doubt, I would have deadlifts, running and sleds. Basically the things no one else likes.
What is your least favorite lift/exercise? 
Overhead squats, by far. I don’t have great mobility with that movement.
What are your goals for 2019?
I want to become more efficient at some of the overhead and gymnastics movements. These are my weaknesses in any wod. Also, keeping my arms straight/locked out! I definitely get yelled at for this more than everything else combined!

What got you to start at RAW?
I had never worked out very seriously at any point in life. I just wasn’t sure where to start and never wanted to feel like I was wasting time going through the motions with no results. After talking to a few friends about CrossFit I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. RAW was a place they all said to check out. I did a little research of my own and visited RAW one time. I believe I signed up that day! Tom Knouff and I started together 4 years ago now. My only regret was that I didn’t start sooner!

What class/times do you regularly attend?  

6am and 4pm are my most common. I think I have been to at least one class at every time though.

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