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Sleds, Sleds, Sleds!

Posted: May 6, 2019 in Equipment

IMG_8944Sleds, SLEDS!  Some of us love them, some of us hate them, some of us love to hate them.  Regardless of our personal feelings about sleds there is no denying the many benefits.  There are many different ways to implement sleds in your programming. You can vary the duration, loading, and also they’re perfect for recovery.

At R.A.W., the variety almost seems endless.  Sleds can be used for pushing, from light sprints to heavy, short distance grinds, increase power, strength and add size.  We have high/low prowlers, which target the muscle of the lower body from various angles.  You can attach straps or ropes for forward/backward drags or use it as a pulling component.  By doing this we can create a horizontal pull, whether it be standing or seated for an effective upper body strength session.

Another beneficial aspect of sleds is that they are time efficient and a great tool for building strength and total body conditioning at the same time.  There is no denying the feeling after a moderate to heavy sled push.  Quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves all pumped, heart rate through the roof and sweating instantly ensues.  Two ways that I have used them to benefit my training is when I’m pressed for time and/or nursing a back/knee issue.   Do a quick dynamic warmup to get calves and hamstrings ready, set the clock for 10 minutes and just push until the time is up!  Also when my back or knees are not feeling up to handling load the sled is a great tool to stay safe and build muscle in the lower body.

Another quality about sleds is there is no eccentric phase, the lengthening of muscle, which is the primary cause of muscle soreness, ie. lowering in the squat or pushup.  This allows you train them and not be totally crushed the next day.

In addition, sleds are a useful tool for all ages, abilities and fitness goals.  Nearly everyone can use them. There is a very short learning curve and they can be implemented a few times a week.  Whether as a primary exercise or accessory strength movement to add in after a heavy squat session, the sled will give you a huge bang for your buck!

Sean P