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Here are links to AJ Marschke’s Facebook albums from the Patriot Games 2017:

Patriot Games

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Check out this amazing video from R.A.W.’s Andy Q:

As I keep rewinding the day over and over again.. Man, I had a blast!

ATHLETES: I really enjoyed getting to meet new folks and always a pleasure chatting with athletes I have known through the years. You guys put it all out there. All levels of athletes, here to have fun and I love watching that!

BOX OWNERS: Thank you to ALL the Boxes that supported our event this year. 50 teams, 200 athletes and sold out event in 24 hours. We appreciate your support year after year. It was nice getting a chance to speak briefly with some of you yesterday.

VOLUNTEERS- You unconditionally give your time/days every event and every year. You are a true example of what the RAW Community is about. I am so proud, blessed and feel overwhelmed with emotion. We can not have these events, nor would we want to without YOU!!
On behalf of Molly and Sean, You make our vision a reality, we appreciate you ALL!

In closing, I want to wish all Fathers a Happy Fathers Day. On a personal note: My father has passed for 15 years now. He has given to me his love for people, a passion for physical fitness, loyalty to those he respected, never quit work ethic even when people think your “nuts” and a little bit of his “fiesty” haha.. I truly believe he got just as much joy out of yesterday as I did.


Coach Amy


Judges and volunteers are needed for the upcoming PATRIOT GAMES 2017

Be a part of this exciting team!

Here is the link to sign up:…/1FAIpQLSd0sQHYh4_FXrKgOr…/viewform

If you have any trouble with the link or have any questions, just contact to lend your support!


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