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Making a Difference

Posted: July 30, 2017 in Testimonial


Making a difference in someones confidence and quality of life is not always and easy thing.  You see, there can be circumstances beyond our control or issues that take the Coach and client to overcome in order to move forward.  I am so proud of this 50 yr+ client and our Coaching team. Collectively, we have impacted someone and the let the blood lipids/results speak for themselves.  I loved reading this and I know you all will too.

Thank you all, Amy

“Amy and Molly,

I want to write this heartfelt thank you for what you have created at RAW and share my “RAW story” after a year of training.  Please share with the coaches because they are truly THE BEST!!!!  Each and every one of them is special in his or her own way.

I started in the RAW rebuild class last summer.  Lori, Kate, Jamie, and Linda were all superb, supportive and so creative in programming the classes.  Needless to say I wasn’t very fit, but the classes were so inclusive and fun that I was hooked.  The coaches’ careful attention to detail and constant monitoring helped me to learn the moves and perform them properly (and that was not an easy task, I am a little bit slow, Ha Ha!).

After the summer I could no longer attend the Rebuild classes, even though I really wasn’t ready I decided to give the Fundamentals and CrossFit classes a try.  Again, a huge hurdle based on my lack of natural ability, but again the patience, professionalism, and support from all of “the guys” (coaches) was humbling so I kept going.  Scott, Sean L., Sean P., Sonny, and Keith never made me feel unworthy or incapable, but just constantly and consistently monitored, motivated, and corrected my technique.  No matter how big classes can get I never feel like I am not getting special treatment or attention (quite frankly I don’t know how the coaches do it).  Even though I haven’t been in as many classes with Molly, Amy, and Janine, they are equally as motivating and supportive as all of the others.

My progress has been slow but steady; I have definitely noticed a marked improvement in my strength, mobility, endurance, and speed.  I used to live on Ibuprofen, but not anymore.  Even though I still get sore, I am never in pain!!!  I can’t overstate how huge that is!!!!  No sciatica, no shoulder pain, no hip pain . . .  I also had a metabolic panel of blood tests done about a month ago (after 1 year at RAW), my numbers compared to the same tests in 2015 are ridiculous (especially for a female of a “certain” age)!!  Even my Doctor was shocked saying “These results look great, keep up the good work.”  Check out the comparison from two years ago!!!


2015                            2017


Standard Range 70-99 mg/dL            97                                79



Standard Range:  10-199 mg/dL        216                              197



Standard Range:  10-199 mg/dL        88                                67


HDL                                                    60                                72

>=60 mg/dL Negative risk factor for Chronic Heart Disease


LDL                                                    89                                112

Standard Range: 0-129 mg/dL


It is such a pleasure not “Dreading” a workout!!  I so enjoy coming here.

As they say, “an organization’s culture is established from the top down.”  The ownership, staff, coaches and members are welcoming, friendly, encouraging and just an amazing community of people!!!  I will continue to show up on my “every other day” schedule to continue my slow and steady improvement.  (Maybe someday I will recover fast enough to go two days in a row!!??)  All I know is that I am loving every minute of it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


Heartfelt Thank You

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Testimonial
I wanted to take a minute to write you and let you know how much I have enjoyed becoming a part of the R.A.W. community.  In the past I was never one to enjoy working out and I shied away from gyms/classes because I just never felt comfortable being there.  At the time my idea of a workout was walking around the neighborhood with my kids.
Then in February of 2015 my whole life changed when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  After surgery to remove the tumor I made the decision to fight this disease with everything in my power.  My outlook on fitness and staying healthy quickly became very different.  In addition to typical medical treatment I took it upon myself to overhaul my diet and make fitness a priority in my life.  Unfortunately, due to the surgery I was told that I could no longer drive so I didn’t even consider joining a gym.  I started running for the first time and working out at home.  After about a year I realized that I just wasn’t pushing myself enough to get where I wanted to be and I was getting bored working out at home!  A friend convinced me to try a class at R.A.W.  Both her and my husband said that if I enjoyed the classes they would make sure I was able to get there.  Well one class was all it took…!
I couldn’t believe how supportive and motivating all of the coaches and other class members were.  Coach Lori and Coach Kate listened to my goals on the first day and they continue to help me achieve and surpass them.  Thanks to them I am in better shape and stronger now than I have ever been.  I actually find myself getting upset when I cannot attend a class!
Amy, I cannot thank you and all of the coaches/staff enough for making R.A.W. such a great place to come to every day.  R.A.W. is so much more than just a gym.  It has truly changed my life and I can’t say enough good things about the entire R.A.W. community and how welcomed and supported you have all made me feel.
~ Meghan Fossaceca