Hydrocephalus Walk

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flyer_FotorR.A.W. client Mike Kelley’s son Rylan was diagnosed earlier this year with Hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of
Cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.
Please join some of the R.A.W. community in the 2017 Western PA walk to end Hydrocephalus.

Last call to order a shirt to benefit Rylan’s condition. Shirts are $20.00 (Rylan’s sister designed the shirt). A small portion goes for the shirt and the remainder goes to the Hydrocephalus Association

A sign-up sheet for the shirts will be at the R.A.W. front desk all week until this Saturday August 12th.
Please note if you will be participating in the walk which will be held at Adams Twp Community Park on September 23rd at 9:00a.m.

You can view the website for the event HERE:


Athletic Development Program begins 8/24/17!
This program has been designed for the competitive High School athlete to specifically utilize the training methods and principles of RAW Training during our 1 hour 30-minute training sessions. Our inclusive program at RAW will give athletes the opportunity to increase systemic body strength, become proficient in functional movements as it transfers to sport, learn barbell movements correctly and apply them in team weight room lifting sessions, improve their General Physical Preparedness (GPP), and develop power and speed with proper mechanics, which all decrease the chance of injury. Athletes will be expected to train in the manner it takes to perform at a high level. In sports, ALL Athletes will be asked to jump higher, run faster and be more EXPLOSIVE. To do so, athletes must become stronger, move throughout full range of motion and learn how to move correctly!
****PLEASE NOTE: The program runs from August 24th – October 12th
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 3:00pm – 4:30pm for High School Athletes (15-18 y/o)
*ATTENTION PARENTS- A waiver is required for all athletes participating. If you have participated in a RAW class this calendar year please stop by the desk to make sure we have an updated waiver and current information on file.
**Please enter your child’s name as “Primary Account Holder” and please include the following on the site when registering: Parent/Legal Guardian’s Email address and Phone Number.
To register go to :
Sessions will be taught by Raw Strength and Conditioning Coach:
Keith DeNinno
• IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist
• OPEX Level 1 Coaching Certification, Assessment and Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Program Design
• Certified Level 1 CrossFit Instructor
• Former 4 year Collegiate Soccer Player
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Please contact amy@raw-training.com for any questionsCollage_Fotor_Fotor


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Guacamole is grand, but don’t settle for just the chips and dip on this food holiday. Clear the table for everything from the appetizer and main dish all the way to dessert. On National Avocado Day, this tree grown fruit has them all covered!

Avocados have become more than a staple food in the American diet; they have proven to be a key ingredient in recipes for both inside the body and on the body! According to the Hass Avocado Board, as of 2015, avocado consumption in the United States doubled since 2005 and quadrupled since 2000. In fact, a whopping 4.25 billion avocados were sold in the U.S. in 2015. That’s four point two five billion of this amazingly beautiful food.

There are many reasons to celebrate National Avocado Day. Targeting insulin resistance with heart-healthy fats and fighting Alzheimer’s with its Omega 3 fatty acids, the avocado also prevents and repairs damage due to its source of Vitamins C, E and K.

One of the secret weapons in an avocado is the high oleic acid content. This moisturizing fatty acid helps keep skin soft and hydrated but also supports regeneration of damaged skin cells reducing redness and irritation. Eat more of this superfruit or cook with avocado oil if you have this type of skin issue.

Ancient Aztecs used the avocado to beautify their skin topically with masks, and in the early 20th century the cosmetic industry discovered the benefits of its oil in creams, lotions, facial cleansers and other products that required a smooth application. The practice continues today.

Avocados have found their way into every meal of the day and even into dessert. The creamy texture replaces calorie laden oils with healthful fats so we can indulge without the guilt. What better way to celebrate National Avocado Day than to indulge a little?

Here’s a favorite recipe of ours!


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Making a Difference

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Making a difference in someones confidence and quality of life is not always and easy thing.  You see, there can be circumstances beyond our control or issues that take the Coach and client to overcome in order to move forward.  I am so proud of this 50 yr+ client and our Coaching team. Collectively, we have impacted someone and the let the blood lipids/results speak for themselves.  I loved reading this and I know you all will too.

Thank you all, Amy

“Amy and Molly,

I want to write this heartfelt thank you for what you have created at RAW and share my “RAW story” after a year of training.  Please share with the coaches because they are truly THE BEST!!!!  Each and every one of them is special in his or her own way.

I started in the RAW rebuild class last summer.  Lori, Kate, Jamie, and Linda were all superb, supportive and so creative in programming the classes.  Needless to say I wasn’t very fit, but the classes were so inclusive and fun that I was hooked.  The coaches’ careful attention to detail and constant monitoring helped me to learn the moves and perform them properly (and that was not an easy task, I am a little bit slow, Ha Ha!).

After the summer I could no longer attend the Rebuild classes, even though I really wasn’t ready I decided to give the Fundamentals and CrossFit classes a try.  Again, a huge hurdle based on my lack of natural ability, but again the patience, professionalism, and support from all of “the guys” (coaches) was humbling so I kept going.  Scott, Sean L., Sean P., Sonny, and Keith never made me feel unworthy or incapable, but just constantly and consistently monitored, motivated, and corrected my technique.  No matter how big classes can get I never feel like I am not getting special treatment or attention (quite frankly I don’t know how the coaches do it).  Even though I haven’t been in as many classes with Molly, Amy, and Janine, they are equally as motivating and supportive as all of the others.

My progress has been slow but steady; I have definitely noticed a marked improvement in my strength, mobility, endurance, and speed.  I used to live on Ibuprofen, but not anymore.  Even though I still get sore, I am never in pain!!!  I can’t overstate how huge that is!!!!  No sciatica, no shoulder pain, no hip pain . . .  I also had a metabolic panel of blood tests done about a month ago (after 1 year at RAW), my numbers compared to the same tests in 2015 are ridiculous (especially for a female of a “certain” age)!!  Even my Doctor was shocked saying “These results look great, keep up the good work.”  Check out the comparison from two years ago!!!


2015                            2017


Standard Range 70-99 mg/dL            97                                79



Standard Range:  10-199 mg/dL        216                              197



Standard Range:  10-199 mg/dL        88                                67


HDL                                                    60                                72

>=60 mg/dL Negative risk factor for Chronic Heart Disease


LDL                                                    89                                112

Standard Range: 0-129 mg/dL


It is such a pleasure not “Dreading” a workout!!  I so enjoy coming here.

As they say, “an organization’s culture is established from the top down.”  The ownership, staff, coaches and members are welcoming, friendly, encouraging and just an amazing community of people!!!  I will continue to show up on my “every other day” schedule to continue my slow and steady improvement.  (Maybe someday I will recover fast enough to go two days in a row!!??)  All I know is that I am loving every minute of it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

August Fundamentals

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R.A.W. Fundamentals start in August 2017
If you, a friend, or family member would like to begin training at RAW, you can learn all the movements necessary to do so by attending our Fundamentals Prerequisite Course. Our Fundamentals Course includes five 1 hour sessions designed to teach you the lifts, movement patterns we use at RAW, establish workloads and have an opportunity to get to know you, as well as your training goals. No waste of time here, you will learn the movements but will also get workouts in too so come dressed ready to workout in every session.

1). To register for you fundamentals today click here

2). To schedule one-on-one sessions or a movement review contact us at info@raw-training.com

3). For a FREE TRIAL of RAW Re-Build contact amy@raw-training.com .

Thank you and feel free to reach out to us with any questions at info@raw-training.com or 412-487-2221.

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Avocado Popsicles

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Ok, WHAT? #Avocado POPSICLES!?? YES! You’ll probably be going to 4th of July celebrations today and tomorrow, and it’s HOT out!

What better way to cool off with these AMAZING popsicles!! Check it OUT!


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Megan Kruth

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